Banglentės SIC Darkhorse

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SIC Maui Darkhorse 02:30
SIC Maui Darkhorse
The soft board revolution is on and they are no longer simply toys. The fusion of great shapes and highly engineered construction come together in a vortex of style and performance.

The all-new SIC Darkhorse is stepping up the game with its Vortex™ construction fusing the highest quality soft board technology with composite stringers and lightweight core materials to create fun and yet high-performance boards.

The Darkhorse features a EPS core, the bottom and top skin are ultra-high quality Vectra Ply reinforced polyethylene to promote speed, stiffness and durability. The rails are a high-density EVA to increase durability while being low friction, so they are comfortable on your arms when paddling.

A key differentiating factor and core performance characteristic of the SIC Darkhorse is its Dullies™ (dual glassed reinforced composite rail stringers). This gives the board its unique stiffness without sacrificing its lively feel and pop!

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